Company Profile

Most of our products are especially handcrafted by skilled artisans from India who work very hard to create beautiful hand block printed designs on high quality organic cotton fabrics. Our designs perfectly reflect the blend of traditional art and modern living.

Our focus is on sustainable fabrics and ethically sourced raw materials curated from places which has been hidden from rest of the world. We aim to encourage eco-friendly homewares which in turns also create employment for low-income Artisans and their families.

The art and techniques of our textiles and homeware has a vibe which connect people to their own home, making it a positive and beautiful place to live in.

About the founder – Ms. Devika Singh Hada

She hails from a beautiful small town known as Udaipur in Rajasthan, India and deems to have been very lucky to find a second home in Auckland, New Zealand.

After having moved to Auckland few years ago and struggling through some tough years of establishing herself in this lovely country, she is now determined to create a successful blend of modern and traditional life style. That not only reflects in her designs and products, but also gives you a perception of simplicity with sophistication.

She truly believes and implements the saying that goes – “Hustle till they know you by your name”

Guess this is just a small milestone towards it.